IndiGG has made an investment in OlaGuildGames, which is also a YGG SubDAO.

Rohit D
2 min readSep 11, 2022

OlaGuildGames is one of the YGG hyperlocal subDAOs that YGGIndia has invested in as part of their aim to deliver web3 gaming to developing regions and make p2e more accessible.

IndiGG is an official SubDAO of YGG, although they’re not the only one in the burgeoning web 3 gaming sector. ~ Aiming to make web3 gaming mainstream.

IndiGG announced that they have invested in OlaGG as part of their effort to cooperate closely with our fellow hyperlocal YGG subDAOs and promote the growth of this new vertical of the gaming industry in different emerging countries across the world.

Benefits for community !

Together, both guilds will share best practises and business growth ideas across both areas, as well as entertaining events like esports leagues amongst both of our web3 gaming communities.

You’ll be able to compete with your fellow YGG members in enjoyable activities like as tournaments, online events, and gaming material in the future if you’re an IndiGG or OlaGG scholar or community member.

This investment by IndiGG brings many exciting things for web3 gaming community of india.


IndiGG is a Sub-DAO of Yield Guild Games (YGG) being built in association with Polygon to create a web3 gaming hub within India. They are building a platform where gamers will come across the future of gaming and embark on a journey into virtual worlds, owning their respective digital assets. With the aim to evolve the Web3 gaming development ecosystem in India, they are incubating and helping developers make the best Web3 games someone can envision.

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