IndiGG Game testing Program is live

Rohit D
2 min readJul 25, 2022

The YGGIndia Game Testing Program is now available to sign up for!

This project seeks to locate those individuals who have a genuine passion for video games, as well as those individuals who can assist IndiGG in locating the academics who can assist both of them in developing their skills.

IndiGG is getting ready to satiate the gamer that lives inside of you and give you the opportunity to become a member of their first group of Game Testers. Stay tuned for more information!

The first group of participants in the Game Testing Program will go live.

What are Indigg’s true motivations?
1)Web3 Gaming volunteers
2)UI/UX in-game, as well as game mechanics Scholars
3)knowledgeable. Dedicated individuals who test video games

How can one get involved?
There are two stages involved in getting things rolling.
The first stage of the process will involve a test group of gamers who will play web3 games and provide feedback to IndiGG. The game tester will get one Point of Appreciation Point (POAP) from IndiGG for every three successfully validated reviews.
At the end of the Phase 1,IndiGG will handpick the best testers for Phase 2.
In Phase 2 ,IndiGG game testers will start getting paid to test every game under the program.And many more perks are there waiting for you in Phase2.

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