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Many individuals are unaware of badges unless they have engaged in a young organisation such as the girls guild or boys scouts. A lot more if they have served in the military or a paramilitary group before.
You may earn badges on IndiGG, and each one opens a new set of chances and rewards for you.
What are these rewards and why must I obtain a badge?

Well it starts with, first knowing what IndiGG is, before getting in on the benefits you stand to get by being a badge holder.


IndiGG is a sub-DAO of Yield Guild Games and they’re pushing the narrative of making India a Web3 gaming powerhouse for P2E games.Of course, when you need to connect to your favourite play-to-earn games, and as well as network with fellow gamers within the Indian blockchain space, IndiGG is the platform for that seamless connection.

To get a better experience, however, you need to get your IndiGG badge and getting it is very easy. All you have to do is head over to and mint your badge for near-zero gas on the Polygon network.

After minting your badge, what are the benefits you stand to gain??

Benefits of Badge

First of all, holders of the IndiGG badge would have exclusive access to some important channels in the IndiGG discord that are secret.

They would also have access to early announcements of any new game partnerships way ahead of time. This way, they get to prepare and read up on the best possible ways to play and also earn.

Badge holders would also be given priority allocations for any new game scholarship on the IndiGG platform. This is super when you get to understand what it means to be a scholar on IndiGG.

The badge’s purpose:

>The ability to join secret Discord.

>New game partnership announcements made ahead of schedule (24 hours in advance)

>New gaming scholarships are prioritised over existing ones.

>Benefits and privileges for members that were completely unexpected.

Minting a Badge: A Quick Guide Requirements:

Have a Metamask browser wallet installed & Join the IndiGG Discord server.

is the first place you’ll want to check out. The “Mint Badge” button may be seen in the upper right corner from this page. Click;

In order to link your wallet to the Polygon network, select “Connect Wallet.”

Your wallet should now display the phrase “Wallet linked on Polygon network” in green at the bottom of your screen after switching to this network.

>Join Discord:

>Do verification process

After discord verification, you’ll be taken to the minting page. We’d check your whitelist status.If everything worked, you should see mint. Congrats, you have minted your badge.

Mint that badge today and head over to the discord for the best P2E Gaming experience you’d ever have.

Join discord here.







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